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7 Feb 2016
Norby: Once There Was an Island Play
Pook: Pyramus and Thisbe Play
Verbey: In the Garden of Paracelsus Play
Eichberg: Just Outside Play
Resch: Flak Tower, Esterhazy Park Play
Zebeljan: When God was creating Dubrovnik Play
Kyriakides: Walls Have Ears Play
Osborne: Prelude. Jerusalem to Derry - Play
Osborne: Interlude. Derry to London - Play
Osborne: Interlude. London to Utrecht - Play
Osborne: Interlude. Utrecht to Berlin - Play
Osborne: Interlude. Berlin to Vienna - Play
Osborne: Interlude. Vienna to Dubrovnik - Play
Osborne: Interlude. Dubrovnik to Nicosia - Play
Hanna: Song of Songs Play
Osborne: Postlude. Jerusalem to Derry Play
Osborne: Interlude. Nicosia to Jerusalem Play
31 Jan 2016
In honor of Jaap van Zweden's recent appointment as the next Music Director of the New York Philharmonic, Dutch Radio 4 is making their top 5 favorite radio recordings available for streaming. Included as a contemporary favorite: Theo Verbey's Pia...
29 Oct 2015
Listen to a stream of Verbey's 'Lumen Ad Finem Cuniculi' - just click on 'luister werk' under the title.
14 Jun 2015
Theo Verbey's Facebook Wall
Portugal's spectacular concert hall in Porto, designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas , will play host to the QuadQuartet 's concert on 30 June at 7:30 PM - included on the program my own Passamezzo, plus music by Arvo Part, Marc Mellits, and ...
7 Jun 2015
Theo Verbey's Facebook Wall
Thea Derks interview about the premiere of 'Traurig wie der Tod' MUSIC Theo Verbey: 'A composer is primarily a songwriter' ________________________________________ By Thea Derks Posted on Cultuurpers, 22 May 2015 The Dutch composer Theo V...
28 May 2015
Theo Verbey's Facebook Wall
Throughout the ages, music has demonstrated its deeply healing character in its ability to express personal or collective suffering. The sound of sorrow, desire and solace is something that all the compositions have in common that the Radio Filha...
25 May 2015
Theo Verbey's Facebook Wall
There's been some discussion here about the digital age and classical music. If you'd like more background information about my music, this app is a good place to start. It's really handy before and after concerts, or during the intermission. Then...

Contemporary Classical Music Composer

Theo Verbey is the Dutch composer of modern classical music who is best known for his elegant and rhythmically transparent compositions, characterized by careful and rich instrumentation. It's contemporary classical music that musicians enjoy playing again and again; it's music that makes a real connection with listeners.

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