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10 Apr 2014
Listen to Theo Verbey's arrangement of the Andante from Schubert's piano sonata no. 13 D.664 as played live by the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra.
12 Mar 2014
"Dutch Master and their inspiration’ is an inspiring album with some great contemporary Dutch composers. And The Stolz Quartet performs and do it excellently!" The Stolz Quartet: ‘Dutch Masters and their inspiration’ (Challenge Classics) © Mattie ...
12 Mar 2014
A live concert performance of The Stolz Quartet playing Verbey's '4 Preludes to Infinity'. Just click on the link and advance to 1:43:54. Enjoy!
28 Feb 2014
Scriabin: Preludes (4) for Piano, Op. 33 Play
Verbey: 4 Preludes to Infinity Play
Liszt: Via crucis, S 53 Play
Ravel: Le tombeau de Couperin Play
Zuidam: A Love Unsung Play
Vries: Haikus Play
Einarsson: Desiring-Machines: partial-object 0.1667 Play
4 Feb 2014
Berg: Lyric Suite for String Orchestra Play
Schoenberg: Verklärte Nacht for String Orchestra, Op. 4 Play
3 Feb 2014
"These are marvelous versions of two milestone works. The disk belongs in your library if you follow the roots of where we are today. They are a joy to hear in their own right. " - Grego Applegate Edwards
27 Jan 2014
A radio broadcast from the Dutch Concertzender, including (at 1:50) 1. Perplex (2004). Ensemble Gageego! olv Gunno Palmquist. 2. Alban Berg: Sonate op.1, arr. for orchestra. Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest conducted by Ricardo Chailly. 3. Expulsie...
20 Jan 2014
The Osiris Trio's 25th anniversary compilation CD on Channel Record receives a good review by Mattie Poels. The CD contains a performance of Theo Verbey's Trio, which he wrote especially for the Osiris Trio.
20 Sep 2013
'Against this backdrop, the early scoring of Les Noces (completed in 2007 by Theo Verbey, whose orchestration includes two cimbaloms and a pianola player)appears more brutal and more naked, the bearing of a raw nerve that Stravinsky does not camou...
4 Mar 2013
The Brodsky Quartet's Paul Cassidy talked about a new song cycle which the Brodskys will première on June 24th, 2013 at the City of London Festival with the mezzo-soprano Loré Lixenberg, before taking it to other walled cities including Derry~Lond...

Contemporary Classical Music Composer

Theo Verbey is the Dutch composer of modern classical music who is best known for his elegant and rhythmically transparent compositions, characterized by careful and rich instrumentation. It's contemporary classical music that musicians enjoy playing again and again; it's music that makes a real connection with listeners.

Theo Verbey's sheet music also alvailable at:

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